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Meth Lab


 One reason substance abuse is such a problem is that gratification is immediate whereas the harmful effects are long term. If potential human addicts could see the process speeded up, they might become less susceptible to substance abuse. But how could this done without harming humans or animals?  Norns can help. Feel free to put these norns and agents on your own site.


Download c2 Meth Norns and AGent

The syringe contains the drug methamphetamine (meth). It puts meth norns in a state of euphoria in the short term. (They get very happy, indeed).  In the long term, symptoms appear that are similar to those found in human meth addiction - e.g depression, aggression and loss of appetite.  Requires meth norns that have their genomes specially altered so that they produce neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. If you know someone who is prone to experimenting with drugs, why not show him or her the the consequences on norns instead.

C2 Norn Skeleton Cob


Download C2 Norn Skeleton Cob

When norns die and go to heaven, they leave a skeleton behind. The skeleton is removed after a while.


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