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The NIV/AIDS Project



C2 NIV Norns

This male norn looks healthy enough, but is NIV positive. Watch him and you will see him infect other norns with the virus. There is rumour that  Norn Immuno-deficiency Virus (NIV) does not cause Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This is false. The virus is spread sexually and does cause AIDS . The norns will not typically die from the NIV itself but from other pathogens in their. NIV norns have an altered genome that is essentally Andrew Carroll's excellent Circulatory Norns genome with a extra genes added to make them susceptible to NIV. The NIV attacks the Killer T cells and other parts of the immune system. The other norns in the pack are a NIV positive female and a monogamous NIV negative couple.

Unfortunately standard norns are obligatorily promiscuous and do not have condoms or anti-retrovirals (but I'm working on it). Humans, potentially, are much better off. Most of all there is the option of Holy- Spirit controlled behavior. This is like a Norn having personal access to his programmer. God knows how we are made, our limitations and our weaknesses. Why settle for purely human recources when it is possible to have access to Him?



This cob is necessary for NIV to work properly. Unfortunately, norns do not have condoms or anti-retrovirals, but I'm working on it! As with humans, these will only be partially effective.

C2 Norn Skeleton Cob

When norns die and go to heaven, they leave a skeleton behind. The skeleton is removed after a while.


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