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Educational freeware

Educational freeware


All programs were designed for Windows 95 or 98 and 24-bit colour.


Simulaids (Grade 10+)

The HIV/AIDS simulator.

Face the Facts (Grade 9)

The evidence for Jesus and for evolution.

Toys and Trees v1.1  (Grade 3)

The ecology simulator.

Survival of the Florid (Grade 8)

The evolution simulator.

Oscar the Octopus (Grade 3)

The  artificial life form with a message about creation.

Trilemma (Grade 7)

The logic demonstrator. Is Jesus Lord, Liar or a Lunatic?

Dinomania (Grade 3)

Helping children with big words and big issues.

The Psychic Computer  (Grade 7)

Can a computer be psychic?


A very big thank-you to all my supporters for making it possible to release all our resources as freeware.
See Contact Details if you would like to be a contributor.


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